upcoming mixtapes – sign up now!

The next few months will have some cool mixtape themes, so if one of these looks like your cup of schnapps then let us know (thebrownbreadmixtape@gmail.com) and we will put you on the bill (exact date for each month to be confirmed) —

August : brown bread mixtape #2 “when I was a kid”

songs, poems, stories, performances on the topic of childhood, times gone by, youthful exuberance, nostalgia related anecdotal evidence of cute kid behaviour etc. take us on a journey to those halcyon days of wet summers and bad tv. tell us about the way things used to be when you were a little filthy snapper.

October : brown bread mixtape #3 – “true story”

poets, musicians and other performers tackle the true stories that all of us have knocking around. from the strange encounters that inspire a song to the true tales that shape a poem. and the straight-up stories that are burning to be told to an audience of willing ears. prepare to be amazed by the truth that is stranger than fiction.


Future brown bread mixtapes:

“achtung brown bread”

the evening will be dedicated to Achtung Baby by U2 with every track on the album being performed on the night. musical, poetic, rhythmic and other interpretations of the legendary U2 album will be on offer as we perform it from start to finish in new and mysterious ways. contact us now if you have a particular track or two from the album that you would like to perform. other U2 related japery and hilarity will be accepted and expected, in temptation, isolation and revelation.

“I can’t believe I didn’t write that”

we are calling for weird and wonderful personalised variations on classic or not-so-classic songs, poems or prose. songs or pieces of writing you wish you wrote, or ones you wish never existed. why not perform a song, poem or monologue that has no place in an intimate low-key, low-lit homely downstairs vibe such as this? why not indeed. let’s hear it bitches.


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