My Blood is Boiling For Ireland!

After it’s successful live debut at the last brownbread mixtape. Kalle’s song “My Blood is Boiling for Ireland” was recorded rapidly by studio wizard Enda. Profanities were carefully and creatively bleated out. The song was mixed, compressed and duly shipped off to the Irish Times for their alternative national anthem competition. And then an amazing thing happened.

It won!

Come on Ireland!

We are super proud. A bit giddy. Kinda emotional. But our blood is truly boiling for Ireland.

An article about the competition and audio of our winning entry can be found on the Irish Times website.

Kalle put together this simple video for the song:

Thanks for all your kind words about it. So glad that so many of you enjoyed it.

Spread the word. Sing it in pubs. Shout it at matches. Roar it in your sleep. Maintain a constant rolling boil.

See you on wednesday at the next brownbread mixtape!


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One response to “My Blood is Boiling For Ireland!

  1. Love the song. Funny and catchy. My name is Colm Hall. I was one of the runners up. I missed the radio show, and naively thought I’d just catch it on the podcast. But Today fm are woefully Luddist. Just wondering if anyone had a recording of the broadcast from the Ray Darcy show?

    Well done Kalle. Deserved winner.

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