The Irish Times on the bubblin’ Dublin DIY effect.

The brownbread mixtape is delighted to be featured in the Arts section of today’s Irish Times. Davin O’Dwyer has written a lovely little article about the burgeoning DIY ethic of music and arts nights around the fair city of Dublin. The wonderful, collaborative spirit that currently abounds is nicely captured and gives readers a real insight into the wealth of affordable and free high quality gigs that are happening.

You can read the article in its entirety on the Irish Times website right here. (It even features brilliant photos from last month’s gig, taken by the delightful Jessica Ryan). Pass it on to anyone who might enjoy it.

Kalle’s poem, The Reformartists, that is mentioned in the article was recently performed at the brownbread mixtape and can be viewed below. It contains references to many of the individuals and gigs mentioned in the article such as the Glor Sessions, Nighthawks and more. See if you can spot them.

Something is really happening! We are proud and happy to be a part of such a vibrant artistic movement!

For more info on the brownbread mixtape and to access
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