the brownbread mixtape #10 in audiovisual review

The most recent brownbread mixtape was a roaring success once again, with absolutely fantastic performances all round. Massive thanks to all the performers as well as our wonderful audience. We really are going from strength to strength each month! Here are some YouTube clips with photo montages & audio of the night to let you feel the stinking love once more. Enjoy!


Dave Lordan kicked things off by belting out his hilarious poem “Fearless”. His latest book of poems “Invitation to a Sacrifice” is available now.


The resident Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley and Kalle Ryan) perform a hilarious new episode of their ongoing soap opera entitled “The State of Our Relationship”. This month’s episode is “The Relationship within Ireland and England” which features a rebellious young upstart (played by guest star Dorothy Cotter). [You can watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 here]


The Brownbread Players humorously read aloud a series of genuine personal ads culled from the world wide web. Truth is stranger than fiction…


Herm deliver a cracking rendition of their latest single “Rearrange”. Taken from their marvellous album “Monsters


Side B kicked off with Kalle reading out audience submitted anecdotes and stories about love.


Gerry McBride delivered a really funny set about fashionable tv shows, car based love and so much more.


The Brownbread Players read a second batch of absolutely real personal ads from the internet. You couldn’t write this stuff…


The Brownbread Players literally speak the unspoken subtextual truths in a conversation between every husband and wife.


The Guilty Folk (with special guest EleventyFour) perform the wild and wonderful song “Happy”. Both acts are performing regularly throughout the summer. Make it your duty to see them live.


The Guilty Folk close out the evening with their angry, sexy, stinking love ballad “Hate Sex”. Don’t knock it till you tried it.


Another great month of amazing performances, raucous fun and a wonderful audience. Thank you all and we will see you all on July 28th for the next brownbread mixtape. The theme of the night will be “the future”!

Cheers! — Kalle and Enda


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