the brownbread mixtape #11 reviewed in quadrophonic sound and vision

Yet another storming and hugely enjoyable brownbread mixtape with truly stunning performances by one and all. Huge thanks go out to all the performers who knocked it out of the park. And maximum respect to you, our wonderful audience. We really appreciate your incredible support. Now you can go back to the future because here are some YouTube clips with photo montages & audio of all of the performers on the night.  Please subscribe to our woefully undersubscribed YouTube channel and please share the links if you enjoy them. We need your help to get more people to see these!


Comedian Rory O’Hanlon kicked the show off with a really funny set about all things Irish. Rory is well on his way to being a future comedy star, catch him now before he hits the big time and ends up in Copperface Jacks of an evening.


Pearse McGloughlin then performed “Twine” as the opener in a stellar set of songs taken from his future EP (accompanied by Christophe Capewell on violin and our very own Enda Roche on percussion). If there is any justice, Pearse will be massive. For now, he can content himself with being one of our best-kept-secret Irish songwriters. For more on Pearse’s upcoming releases and tour, please visit his official website.


The resident Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Gus McDonagh) perform a brilliant new sketch outlining facts about the future. You might be laughing now, but all of it will actually happen in the future. FACT


A decidedly surreal but very funny futuristic sketch was up next from The Brownbread Players. They sent a reporter into the future to interview Robbie Keane (Future Mayor of Dublin) who spoke briefly about things that are obviously terrific in his role.


The wonderful poet and pure gentleman, Phil Lynch, led us out of Side A with a wonderful batch of poems both new and old, all focused firmly on the future. This opening poem, “Progress” is as lyrical as it is inventive.


Side B kicked off as per usual with Kalle reading out audience submitted anecdotes and stories about the theme in question – “The Future”. Unusually enough though, the trumpeteer who had been playing outside the window at odd intervals all night got a welcome surprise when the entire brownbread audience paused for a moment and joined in on a rendition of Happy Birthday.


Dublin poet and rhapsodic rhymer Karl Parkinson brought down the house with his dizzy mix of rhythmic poems and witty lines. He closed out his electric set with one of his best new pieces entitled “The Positivity Manifesto”. Definitely a 10.


The Brownbread Players returned with some of their strongest sketches to date, beginning with this clever take on the banking crisis in Ireland, where bands of financial peddlers roam the streets of Dublin in the near future with an arrogant swagger…


The Brownbread Players then returned to their time machine and gave us a glimpse of a radio show in the future, featuring an archaeological discussion about a series of mis-identified artifacts from our present day. Perplexingly, a (literally) robotic Pat Kenny is still hosting shows in the future…


The Brownbread Players closed out their magnificent set of sketches with a new classic. Courtesy of their time machine, a Dublin teenager from the future dictates an email outlining her average day to a Dublin teenager in the present. This is, like, her day, like, every day.


Resident MC, Kalle Ryan, wrote a poem for the theme that was in it. An ode and a warning to the advancing future we are creating. That and USB cables.


The wonderful Leanne Harte closed out the evening with her beautfully crafted songs, backed up with glorious harmonies. She has just released an acoustic album entitled “An Irish Girl in Paris” and it is a stunner. Find out more about the album and upcoming gigs from her official website


Another kickass month of amazing performances, wild fun and a deadly audience.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the night. Thanks also to all the viewers who tuned in online .

We will see you all on August 25th for the next brownbread mixtape. The theme of the night will be “the day job”

(photo: Jessica Ryan. messing with the photo: Colm Keegan)

Cheers! — Kalle and Enda


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