the brownbread mixtape #12 in YouTubular review

We are one year old! Can you believe it? To mark the occasion, Joeby from the Blood Red Mountain Band brought along a great big loaf of brown bread (with butter and jam) for everyone to enjoy. An alternative birthday cake of sorts! And what a kickass celebratory night we had.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to yet another barnstorming brownbread mixtape. As always,  huge thanks to all the brilliant performers who wowed us with their talent. And lots of love to you, our fabulous audience. We really appreciate your incredible support.

Now you can take a few moments away from the humdrum of your day job and relive the highlights from all of the performers on the night.

We also encourage you to subscribe to YouTube channel . There are over 60 videos of great music, comedy and poetry on there already. We need your help to spread the word and get more people to see these!


The gentle and genuine poet John Cummins started the evening off with some of his delightfully crafted hippy-hopp poetry. The audience was captivated by his rhymes and effortless delivery. A real sparkling talent.


The resident Brownbread Players (Kalle Ryan and Gus McDonagh) then performed a great new sketch where we were treated to a Shakespearean style county council helpdesk. Funny accents, funny concept, unfunny county council bureaucracy.


Up next from The Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley, Kalle Ryan and Gus McDonagh) was a hilarious slice of life in a modern, bleeding-edge, online company with its insane perks and perkiness. Unicorn racing tracks, who could resist such a thing? Especially when they are on fire. Amazing yo.


The mighty Rory Faithfield then delivered a looptastic, heartfelt performance that had the audience singing along with thumping hearts. This carefully crafted video includes timelapse footage of the entire night too. Rory is a great songwriter and his album is well worth your hard earned Euros.


We closed out Side A with a plea to give our very Enda Roche a day job. A multi-skilled and multi-talented dude he is, but we only had time to list 11 of those skills. He has the skills to pay the bills!


Side B kicked off as always with Kalle reading out audience submitted anecdotes and stories about the theme in question – “The Day Job”.  Thank you for your bizarre work related tales.


The first act of Side B was the caped crusader of comedy, Damon Blake. His witty act had the crowd guffawing gleefully all the way through.


The Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley and Sean McDonagh) returned with a sketch about the self-serving antics of celebrities like Ronan Keating. Sean and Eva could not prevent themselves from cracking each other up at the end of the sketch. Funny funny stuff.


The Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Gus McDonagh) then took full aim at the ruthless marketing tactics of the booze industry. The heartless CEO (played by Gus) was a character to savour and will surely surface again…


The final act of the evening was the brilliantly bluegrassy, foot-stompingly fun Blood Red Mountain Band. Their wildly fun set had everyone roaring for more. A true talent that should not be missed next time they roll into your town.


And so another month concluded. One year older, one loaf of brownbread better off.

Thanks to those of you who came out to support the night. Thanks also to everyone who tuned in online .

We will see you all on Sept 29th for the next brownbread mixtape. The theme of the night will be “Secrets” and we have an astonishingly good line-up. Don’t miss it!

Cheers! — Kalle and Enda

P.S. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts about the brownbread mixtape. About anything really. We’d love to hear from you —


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