the “secret” brownbread mixtape reviewed in YouTube-o-vision

Dublin’s best kept secret is out of the bag! For our “secrets” themed night, we had one of the most packed, raucous, enjoyable nights so far!

Thanks to every last one of you for coming to the Stag’s Head for yet another astonishingly fun brownbread mixtape. It was an energetic, vibrant house full of fans and we had a healthy gang of folks tuning in online too. We really appreciate your incredible support. As always,  massive thanks also to all the incredible performers who delivered remarkable performances on the brownbread stage.

Below are YouTube clips of all of the performers on the night, as well as some of the other mad moments (I’m looking at you Jeff Nelson).

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The sublime Secret Gospel Choir gave us a gorgeous rendition of the Billy Ocean classic “Get outta my dreams, get into my car”. Seductive, sweet voices and heavenly harmonies. They will not be a secret for long with skills this superb.


Imagine if countries were real people and then melodramatically interacted in a soap opera. Then you would have “The State of Our Relationship”. The resident Brownbread Players (Kalle Ryan, Gus McDonagh and Eva Bartley) delivered the latest instalment in the increasingly odd soap opera . Episode 4 – The Relationship with America…


Up next, The Brownbread Players took us to a strange, secret, enchanted garden where all is not what it seems. Especially not for ill Timmy…


Then Kalle shared his frustration, anger and less-than-secret feelings about the failures of the government, banking institutions and property developers in a poem shaped call-and-response interaction. Warning: Contains language almost as bad as the government’s leadership skills.


We closed out Side A with a story from the wonderful mind of Colm Liddy. Equipped with little more than some printed pages and an orange t-shirt emblazoned with “True Dat”, he took the audience on a wonderful journey through the highs and lows of being an erstwhile champion dad. His wonderful book 40 Fights between Husbands and Wives, published by Penguin, is available for purchase now.


Side B kicked off as always with a raffle, which included a special secret prize. A brown envelope bearing the words “Top Secret” on it. Our winner was invited to the stage to show us what was contained within. His name is Jeff Nelson. The rest is history. As the night went on, his legendary status only grew. This is where it began…


The first act of Side B is actually, you, the audience. Kalle read out some of the finest audience submitted anecdotes and stories about the theme in question – “Secrets”.  Thank you all for sharing your secrets and we have let the authorities know in certain instances…


The Lonely Schizophrenic then delivered a trademark cheeky, hilarious, singalong set of songs. They even managed to squeeze in a tribute to Jeff Nelson at the end of the song. One of the most entertaining bands you are likely to see. Make it your duty to see them!


The Brownbread Players returned with a wacky Python-esque sketch about two auld biddys chatting to the local priest about the secrets and mysteries of God. Really funny stuff.


The Brownbread Players closed out their set of sketches with the loopy and surprisingly popular secret diary of Manchester United’s utility player John O’Shea (complete with authentic Waterford accent from Kalle). It requires no knowledge of football whatsoever…


The final act of the night was a remarkable band from Manchester called Rook and the Ravens. Gorgeous three part harmonies, wonderful lyrics, brilliantly blended guitar lines and truly genuine guys at the helm. These guys are deservedly garnering huge praise for their monster talent. Do yourself a favour and buy anything they release and catch them anywhere they play live. Their future is big and that is no secret any more.


And so another month blazed by in a blurry brilliant bound. Thanks to all of you who continue to support the night. It fills our hearts with joy!

This month we have TWO batches of brownbread! The theme for both is “Imagination”. The first show is on Oct 27th in our usual haunt, The Stag’s Head. The second show is part of the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford on Oct 31st in the wonderful Downes Bar (makers of the legendary #9 whiskey) We have an astonishingly good line-up for both nights, so please spread the word!

Facebook Event Pages for both shows — Oct 27th Stags Head | Oct 31st Imagine Arts Festival Waterford

See you all there

Cheers! — Kalle and Enda

P.S. Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Write about anything. We read all emails —

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