the brownbread mixtape – “imagination” – oct 27th – stag’s head

An incredible night that we didn’t want to end. The legend of Jeff Nelson was set to music and we all smiled for hours on end. Thanks to all of the incredible performers and massive thanks to our amazing audience once again. Here are a selection of clips of the many amazing moments from the night. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for monthly updates and over 90 videos of past performances.


EleventyFour immortalises Jeff Nelson, Jeff Nelson, Jeff Nelson…


Stephen James Smith (accompanied by Elder Roche) recites a beautiful poem dedicated to his mother entitled “The Gardener”

Ledgebag Enda Reilly covers the classic Stone Roses track “Waterfall”


Enda Reilly tells the tale of Henry in his inimitable musical style


Elder Roche performs “Silent Screams in a Silent Prayer”, a terrific older piano number of his.


For more info on the brownbread mixtape visit us here, there and everywhere:



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