the brownbread mixtape @ Imagine Arts Festival – oct 31st – Downes Bar, Waterford

We took the brownbread mixtape on the road for the first time and it was a roaring success! As part of the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford, we performed in the greatest pub in the world, Downes, to a really lovely crowd. Thanks to you all for coming out to support us, it meant a lot.

We were bowled over by the warm reception we received in Downes and we really hope that we can take the show on the road again in the new year to more locations around this fair country, as well as further afield. We also hope to be back in Waterford again. Let us know if you are interested in the brownbread mixtape coming to your town (

The local newspapers were also effusive and generous in their praise of the night:

(An) energetic performance (that) showcased a witty range of comedy music and poetry (which) makes you understand why the act have gained a reputation in the renowned Dublin spoken word scene”– Waterford News & Star

“I loved the hi-energy excitement of the event. (…) Throughout the evening the topical sketches with pre-recorded links were zany, fresh, exciting and of broadcastable quality. (…) The quality and exuberance continued (…) and it was a great blast of freshness and inventiveness” – Liam Murphy, Munster Express

Below are a series of audio and photo montages of the different performers on the night. If you like what you see, please pass on the links to others and sign up to our YouTube channel for more past performances.


The delightful EleventyFour opens the show by regaling us with a list of all of her cool types of friends. We are so delighted to be her friend.

Poet Edward Denniston regaled us with a terrific tale of his eccentric uncle in the poem “Odd isn’t the word”

Kalle read us hilarious extracts from the secret diary of Waterford’s favourite son, John O’Shea of Manchester United and Ireland fame.

The Brownbread Players (Gus McDonagh, Eva Bartley, Sean McDonagh and Kalle Ryan) dipped back into Internet waters for their classic sketch about vitriolic YouTube commenting conversational behaviour. LOL

The Brownbread Players performed a hysterical sketch about the differing attitudes in Ireland versus the rest of the world, which was described by Waterford News & Star as “hilariously accurate”.

Pearse McGloughlin (accompanied by local artist Deaf Joe) performed the delicate “Mercedes and the Kingfisher”, taken from his current Twine EP

Pearse McGloughlin closed out his set with his fantastic song “Morning Mist”, also taken from his current Twine EP. We dare you to listen to it and not sing along to “the birds, the birds, the birds…”

Dublin poet Stephen James Smith delivers his powerful poem “Ticking Clock” to a captivated audience. Word.

The Brownbread Players tackle the wonders of God in their guises as Father Shivers and his Polish trainee Marek


The Brownbread Players treat us to a madcap commercial break unlike any you’ve heard before. Hasta la vista baby back ribs!

Stephen Walsh took us on a tour through the quirky kingdom of his mind. Knockout performance!


Elder Roche opened up his set with a marvellous rendition of his Brecht-Weill-esque song “Figures Dressed in Black”


Elder Roche then mesmerised the audience with his wonderful song “Time Will Tell”.


And that, as they say, was that. It was a truly emotional night with so many magical moments. Thanks to John De Bromhead at Downes bar for putting on the show, thanks to Imagine Arts Festival for bringing us down to perform and thanks to all of the performers who are all destined for greatness.

See you all at the November show where the theme is “A Hero of Mine”

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