Best of 2010 – Comedy

This year saw the introduction of stand-up comedy to our brownbread mixtape show and we had a brilliant array of Ireland’s finest and funniest onstage. All of these acts are top drawer and we were very lucky to have them. Keep an eye out for them all in 2011 and give them your support. Being that funny is no joke.

So, without further ado, in no discernible order, here are the top 10 comedy acts of 2010 at the brownbread mixtape…

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1. Dave Hurley

A gentleman with a great gaggle of jokes. We said at the time: “Dave was cheeky, charming, clever and most of all, really funny. Dave’s set was snappy and set the bar high for any comedians who dare to follow in his brownbread footsteps. His bit about puppies and reducing them to a granular consistency is destined to be a quoted classic. You will be hearing more about this man. Mark our words. Hopefully in a comedy context.”


2.The Lonely Schizophrenic

Funny feckers with bundles of charisma and cracking tunes. We said at the time: “Our final act of the night was comedy musical act The Lonely Schizophrenic and what a cracking performance it was. The songs are catchy, disgusting, hilarious, hummable, outrageous and ultimately just plain great. Frontman Anto Kane is a bundle of fizzing energy, sharp observations and cheeky divilment. Andy Delamere’s understated guitar accompaniment and vocal harmonies add real depth to an already fantastic performance. If they are playing anywhere near you soon, do yourself a favour, go see them. They are deadly and they do not deserve to be lonely.”


3. Ronan Grace

A super-charming and funny comedian. We said at the time:Ronan had a really easygoing stage manner backed up with some really razor-sharp jokes which went over really well. Mixing highbrow postmodernist conceptual material with old fashioned puns and gags, he had the audience laughing blissfully along with his take on the world around him. A funny man who you should do your utmost to catch live next time he is performing.”


4. Rory O’Hanlon

A well honed act with great delivery. We said at the time: “Rory O’Hanlon kicked the show off with a really funny set about all things Irish. Rory is well on his way to being a future comedy star, catch him now before he hits the big time and ends up in Copperface Jacks of an evening.”


5. Gerry McBride

A polished comedic performer with funny-as-hell jokes to back it up. We said at the time: “Gerry McBride delivered a really funny set about fashionable tv shows, car based love and so much more.”


6. Trevor Browne

Subtle, silly and sarcastic musical comedy. We said at the time: “Bringing together his twin weapons of the guitar and mind, he broke our funny bones into little pieces with his comedic musings (…) singing some of his funniest songs (even producing a really well-received brown(e)bread remix of “Freaky” for the occasion). He is a terrifically funny comedian who has an interesting mix of subtle and wacky material. You really have to see him perform. No seriously, you really do.”


7. Carmody & Jones

Veterans of the Irish comedy scene and true legends. Their set of musical comedy was wacky, witty, biting, emotional and flat-out hilarious. Their EP, The Morale Will Continue Until The Beatings Improve is still available on iTunes, it’s still very funny and it’s still worth your cash. All hail Carmody & Jones.


8. Damon Blake

A smart and sharp gag writer of the highest calibre. We said at the time: “The caped crusader of comedy, Damon Blake. His witty act had the crowd guffawing gleefully all the way through.”


9. Foil, Arms & Hog

Anarchic, snappy, energetic trio of sketch performers with very very funny high-concept sketches. We said at the time: “It was then time for our final act, the absolutely hysterical sketch comedy trio Foil, Arms & Hog. The lads elicited wave after wave of laughter with their zany comedy sketches, but the biggest laughs were reserved for their brand new thematically “cool” sketch about iPhone apps written specifically for the show. That brought the house down. Foil, Arms & Hog are headed over to the Edinburgh festival this summer and upon their return, expect them to be packing out Vicar Street and beyond. Catch them now while you can!”


10 You – The Audience

Some of the funniest comedic one-liners of the year have come from you, the brownbread mixtape audience.

Each month we ask you to write down anecdotes and stories related to the theme, and you consistently deliver some of the funniest and strangest snapshots & observations from the world we live in.

Keep em coming next year!


And that’s all folks. We look forward to next year being as funny as this one.

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