The Irish Times spent the week listening to the “best of” the brownbread mixtape…

We were absolutely delighted to be mentioned in this weekend’s Irish Times. Our “Best Of” 2010 blog posts were singled out in their “This Week We Were…” feature, with special praise deservedly given to poet Colm Keegan.

“(This week we were) listening to: The best of the Brownbread Mixtape nights, run weekly (sic) at Dublin’s Stag’s Head. Bursts of good comedy, poetry and music. The performance poetry of Colm Keegan is especially good. It’s all archived at”

You can access all of the “Best Of” blog posts through the quick links below. Click, listen, enjoy and repost, retweet, regurgitate them digitally…

Best of Poetry and Prose 2010

Best of Music 2010

Best of Sketch Comedy 2010 – The Brownbread Players

Best of Stand-Up Comedy 2010

Overview of Brownbread  Mixtape 2010

If you like what you see please come along to our next live show. For more info check back here on the blog regularly and please subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Thanks and see you all on Jan 26th for our next show!

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