Latest Sketches from The Brownbread Players – recorded live at the brownbread mixtape Jan 26th 2011

The most recent brownbread mixtape was possibly one of our very best and it had some of the most hilarious sketches we’ve done yet. All five sketches are presented below for your delectation.

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1. Werner Herzog : Skanger Man

Imagine a documentary by legendary German filmmaking genius Werner Herzog where he tackles the subject of a contemporary Dublin skanger. Here Herzog poetically imagines the skanger’s life as if it were a Joycean narrative.

CREDITS –  Werner Herzog : Kalle Ryan | Skanger : Gus McDonagh | Written by Kalle Ryan


2. Pope Palpatine

The Archbishop of Canterbury visits Pope Benedict (who is in fact Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars) to discuss plans for the upcoming Royal Wedding. Father Pious, the Pope’s loyal priest sidekick narrates proceedings in a hymnal Chewbacca kind of way…

CREDITS – Archbishop of Canterbury: Eva Bartley | Pope Benedict: Kalle Ryan | Father Pious: Gus McDonagh | Father Astrologus: Sean McDonagh | Written by Ken Rogan


3. Barack Obama Makes Prank Calls

Barack Obama and his staff member Barry get sidetracked from government business and make some prank calls to Sarah Palin and Madonna.

CREDITS – Barack Obama : Kalle Ryan | Barry : Gus McDonagh | Sarah Palin/Madonna : Eva Bartley | Written by Ken Rogan


4. In the beginning…

St. John brings his famous Gospel to a modern day editor/producer called Mr Bruckhauser and it gets retooled and reshaped into a Hollywood nightmare.

CREDITS –  St. John : Gus McDonagh | Mr Bruckhauser : Kalle Ryan | Secretary: Eva Bartley | Written by Eva Bartley, Gus McDonagh and Kalle Ryan


5. Fianna Fail Crisis Management

Brian Cowen (our fearless non-leader) calls a crisis meeting with Mary Coughlan (the crap politician, not the crap singer) and enlists the help of PR guru Fintan Drury to spin things positively in the press. Meanwhile Silvio Berlusconi is trying to get them all to come to his party…

CREDITS – Mary Coughlan : Eva Bartley | Silvio Berlusconi : Kalle Ryan | Brian Cowen : Gus McDonagh | Fintan Drury : Sean McDonagh | Written by Ken Rogan


Yeah, we know : The date on the title card in each should say Jan 26th 2011 of course. FAIL! as the kids say…


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