7 deadly truths about popular culture… Discuss.

If you disagree with any of the following facts, then please post your comments below. We will  respond to every single person. But be warned, whatever you have to say on these topics, you are likely to be wrong as these are indisputable FACTS.


1. Daniel Day Lewis = ham

Daniel Day Lewis is not the greatest actor of his generation, he is a preposterous, laughable, over-the-top ham. He is one overly exaggerated moustache twirl away from being a panto villain. “I drink yourrr milkshake”  Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes I did! Oh no you didn’t…

2. The Sopranos stopped being good around Season 3. Everything after that was a diluted soap opera airing its fading laundered money.

The first two seasons of The Sopranos were absolutely compelling viewing. Fantastic characters, engaging actors, brilliant writing. Even season 3 was hugely watchable and then suddenly it all started to unravel. Bigger wads of money got waved in David Chase’s face to extend the show’s run on HBO. Stories that previously played out in a neat one or two episode arc were dragged out over half a season. In the end it all went out with a whimper rather than a bang. Those of you who contend that it was superb right up to it’s cop-out ending… don’t stop believin’.

3. Nicolas Cage was cool

Nicolas Cage was terribly cool once upon a time. He had quirkiness, charm, charisma and made interesting movie choices (Raising Arizona is still a classic). Now he is a series of bad haircuts masquerading as planks of wood in glossy brochures.

4. The Wire – greatest tv show of all time with one of the worst scenes

Not many people would dispute that The Wire is one of the best pieces of television drama created. The title sequence alone with the variations on the theme tune, “Way Down in the Hole”, make it cooler than cool. But that scene where McNulty and Bunk speak only in expletives is nonsense and verging on stupidly embarrassing writing (and acting). Fuck.


5. Green Day are not punks.

Green Day’s ethos is not even remotely punk. Bland, watered down, hipster haircuts with guitars. They have a Broadway musical made out of their music starring their lead singer for fuck’s sake.


6. U2 were once the most brilliant, electrifying band on the planet. Now they are shite.

Achtung Baby and The Joshua Tree are towering greats in the history of popular music. Fact. But the sad reality is that U2 are not in the least bit interesting musically any more, having become an Irish Rolling Stones that methodically tours the world cranking out its impressive back catalogue, whilst hawking its piss-poor recent albums that almost make Coldplay look good. Almost. In reality, the last good record they put out was Pop. And if we are being really honest, they possibly peaked with Achtung Baby and it has all been a slow decay since then. Lets crank up this exhilarating clip of “Where the Streets Have no Name” and pretend all of the other musical follies of recent years never happened.

7.  Robin Williams is an annoying twat

One of Hollywood’s most famous “comedy” actors (and legendary material-stealing comedian) is a giddy, irritating, hyperactive gobshite who you just want to smack. What he thinks is a wacky, hilarious stream-of-consciousness improvisational rollercoaster is in fact an endless attention-seeking display of attention deficit disorder. Alas he has not mellowed in old age and continues to inflict one maudlin film after another upon us, followed by endless press junkets where he is given free reign to babble like a confused teenager. Mork calling Orson, come in Orson, my time is up…


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17 responses to “7 deadly truths about popular culture… Discuss.

  1. Kit

    The best episode of the Sopranos is in series 3: Pine Barrens, the one where Christopher and Paulie get lost in the woods. It’s like The Tempest from Stephano and Trinculo’s point of view. Otherwise, agreed on all points.

    • brownbreadmixtape

      Pine Barrens is definitely one of the very best episodes of The Sopranos. It may in fact have been the high tide mark for the show.

  2. Emmett

    RE’ No.3 Nic Cage

    Yeah i have to agree he is shite these days EXCEPT for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Excellent movie. The fact that he was in it nearly put me off watching it. Only for my flatmate kept going on about it i wouldnt have bothered.
    He pisses all over Harvey Kietels character in the original film
    Hertzog says the 2 films have nothing in common. ……nothing at all,Werner ,except the same lead character…

  3. Raven

    In order:

    1. Agree with you on Daniel Day Lewis. Ham AND cheese on that sandwich. That milkshake clip is one of his worst moments, though — kind of unfair. He looked like Snidely Whiplash, in Gangs of New York didn’t he?
    2. Sort of disagree with you on this one, because I NEVER liked the Sopranos — don’t get why people did. I remember the hyper fetishization of gangsters in U.S. pop culture, though. The Sopranos rose in the wake of the popularity of Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas, etc., and I was sick to my guts of the fucking mob. Sopranos – uninteresting, and it just got worse as time went on. Maybe I’ll download the Pine Barrens episode and take a look.
    3. Nicolas Cage was HELLA cool – I used to look forward to seeing stuff he was in. What happened? Con-Air marked the beginning of the end. Liam Neeson is heading in that direction…
    4. People have been trying to get me to watch The Wire — by all accounts, it sounds like I’m missing out. Get back to you on this one.
    5. I remember when Green Day WAS a good little California punk band that would play pizza joints in Northwest pulp mill towns. I support my home state bands, but I can’t go there with Green Day — they’re embarrassing to a Californian and an old punk like me. Not only not punk, but boring pop.
    6. I could never quite get a hold of U2 — I honestly only like about a dozen of their songs; most of their stuff just seemed to ramble musically in a way I could never grasp, more like good ideas for songs. Achtung Baby is the only album of theirs that I own. It was a bargain and I thought I should own some U2.
    7. Robin Williams — another embarrassment for a native Californian. He used to live and work in the Bay Area; used to play the comedy clubs in that era when comedy was enjoying a revival in San Francisco. He was always more manic than actually funny. I liked him in Popeye — he played it like the old Fleischer cartoon character and it was perfect. Annoying when he seemed to be in every other major Hollywood film for a while. He’s not annoying now because I just don’t pay attention to him. And a serious no vote on the moustache, man…

    • brownbreadmixtape

      Amen Raven. Green Day probably started with good punk intentions and got sidetracked along the way by filthy lucre. Robin Williams is more manic than funny, I absolutely agree! And yes, you really ought to watch the Wire. It is superb.

  4. Sopranos was the seminal novelistic HBO TV series and paved the way for real money for decent programming, real character development and expected real patience from it’s audience. Which y’all clearly don’t have. It was unflinchingly dark and explored all aspects of human existence. You guys are fucking philistines! Also, you need to be a parent to fully appreciate the shows moral ambiguity. It was genius I tell you – GENIUS. The last episode was unforgettable TV. You all missed that because you were watching Lost.

  5. i think ‘ham’ is going to be my new favourite derogatory adjective, in reference to point 1.

    ‘that’s pure ham like.’

  6. Nobody

    1. DDL used to be great! In “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” he manages to portray Tomasz to perfection. From “The Last of the Mohicans” through to “The Boxer”, I found him very convincing. It wasn’t until he started listening to Eminem on the set of “Gangs…” that he lost it.
    2. Never watched Sopranos. Should I?
    3. Mr Cage did great things in Leaving Las Vegas & Wild at Heart, but then somehow lost it. I remember wondering why an actor like him would accept a part in Con Air. Shame!
    4. See point 2.
    5. Green Day. Stadium Rock cannot be punk. Full stop.
    6. “U2 were once the most brilliant, electrifying band on the planet”, until they started believing that themselves. “Now they are shite.” Maybe they just need to realize they’re shite, and pick it up where they left off back in the early nineties.
    7. “I have one question for the ladies. Do we look like ?”

  7. Fergal

    Can’t dispute the 7 points really. Daniel Day Lewis isn’t that much of a ham, more of a gammon steak. I actually enjoyed There Will Be Blood but that said i only watched it once and i did buy a t-shirt that said “I Drink Your Milkshake” with a pictorial representation of just that; the DDL character with a super-long straw..eh..drinking some terrace lollygagger’s milkshake.

    Totally agree that Pine Barrens was an incredibly good Soprano’s episode but they could’ve just finished it on Season 4 instead of dragging the arse out of it with another 4 series.

    Yeah, Cage was quirky and interesting as an actor. Not so much now because he’s been in lots of shite. Lots. Bad Lieutenant is a cracker though. Perhaps there’s hope for him?

    Haven’t seen The Wire. I may never. It’s been recommended and hyped to me so much that i think i’ve come down on the flip-side of the parabola of maximum opportunity to actually get into it. I couldn’t watch the whole scene posted not because I’ve an aversion to swearing but an aversion to pointless swearing.

    Green Day always were and always will be shite.

    U2 stopped being good after The Joshua Tree. Simples.

    Robin Williams is a twat. A totally unfunny twat. I have no aversion to anyone swearing at him.

    • brownbreadmixtape

      Thanks for posting your comments Fergal.

      Give The Wire a shot. It is a really rewarding show. Like watching your favourite novel unfold.

  8. Don’t give a hoot nor a holler about any of these points and am kicking myself for wasting 15 minutes of precious life reading every comment. God speed.

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