“The Best of the Batch – A Baker’s Dozen of Brownbread Mixtape Tracks” — FREE DOWNLOAD Y’ALL

Last year we put together a really nifty limited edition CD of performances from the early brownbread mixtape shows. The pristine recordings were engineered by the inimitable Enda Roche and the superb cover art was designed by New York filmmaker & designer David Bagnall. The end result was a truly unique piece of collectible art. We gave one copy to each performer and then raffled the handmade, numbered editions at our gigs throughout the year. Now that all 39 CDs (three baker’s dozens) are out there in the universe (growing in value daily!), we felt it was time to release the tracks digitally for all to hear.

So, it is with great pleasure we offer you the opportunity to stream the album or download it in its entirety below (or just download individual tracks if you prefer to cherrypick your favourites). You can also find them at our newly established Bandcamp site!

The tracks are a really interesting snapshot of the early days of the show as we moved from our original home in the basement of Shebeen Chic to our current wonderful abode upstairs in the Stag’s Head pub. There are moments of madness, fluffed lines, rambling stories, hilarious outbursts and, above all, fantastic performances. The show has undoubtedly changed in form and shape but these recordings capture the essential part of the show that remains the same today – at its core the brownbread mixtape is simply a great night out filled with positive energy where the audience and the performers always enjoy themselves through a shared experience.

We hope that you like it and encourage you to share it with others. We are also grateful to all of you who continue to spread the word about the show.

Find us, like us and spread us like a socially networked virus from the following places online: YouTubeFacebookTwitter


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