next show – march 30th – theme: the internet

brownbread mixtape #18 is on Wed, March 30th at 8.30pm, upstairs in the Stag’s Head. the theme for this month is “The Internet”

resident MC Kalle Ryan will be in place again to deliver some one liners and hold up an applause sign. resident sound man Enda Roche will also be in the corner ringing the decibels.

the following stellar acts will be performing>


Fia Rua |

Galway artist Fia Rua’s new album “Falling Time” might be just what the doctor ordered for these days of uncertainty and change. The album which was released to much acclaim last month offers us a fresh soulful kind of alt- folk that can touch the heart as-well as getting the collective feet tapping. Fia Rua is Eoghan Burke, a man with a very distinctive voice that sings like he means it, with lyrics that vary from personal tales of heartbreak and loss, to his own unique social commentary. The sound of the album is is hard to categorize, theres fiddles, guitars and voice, then theres synths, drums, bodhrans….but it all sits together beautifully. Special guests on the album include the wonderful Jinx Lennon whose rant adds yet another brilliant dimension to Falling Time. the brownbread mixtape is excited to bring Fia Rua to the stage. If there’s a new act that is deserving the nation’s attention this year, then its surely Fia Rua.

” a folking brilliant piece of work..4\5″ – HOT PRESS

Robotnik |

Robotnik is Chris Morrin, a highly challenged boy from Dublin, Ireland. Robotnik’s music is a mental adventure of pop, electronic beats and melodic musings on relationships, fantasies and twenty something-dom. Last year he exercised his Devo-esque performances across Europe alongside the likes of Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons and Crystal Castles. So far in 2011, Robotnik has just come back from touring both Germany and Russia and is currently working on his follow up album. the brownbread mixtape is delighted to bring one of Ireland’s most exciting and different new acts to the stage. Be prepared for euphoria and lunacy!

“Robotnik’s upbeat tunes are brilliantly bonkers and sweet, and should be investigated immediately by all persons interested in dancing around like loons. The likes of ‘Weird Road’ brings out a softer, quieter side which manages to be a little more introspective and bittersweet than the more upbeat stuff, but no less engaging” – BBC NORTHERN IRELAND


Erin Fornoff

Erin hails from Asheville in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and currently lives in a cabin in the wilds of Wicklow. After writing a bit of poetry in high school and a single poem in college she decided she liked performing more than printing and moved into spoken word. For fun she memorizes poems–hers and others–on her commute. Most recently she has performed her poetry at The Glor Sessions at the International, Speakeasy Cabaret in Greystones, and Kilmainham Arts Night on a bill with Peter Sullivan, and at other locations in the US. She performed at the first Brownbread Mixtape with an overwrought Shel Silverstein poem known mainly for its extremely dirty words. She has a unique poetic voice, an American accent, and performs with real passion. The Brownbread Mixtape is thrilled to welcome this lyrical lefty to the stage. Get ready for melancholy and majesty.


Roger Gregg (Crazy Dog Audio Theatre) |

THis is true: At the age of twenty Roger Gregg was legally dead for over one minute in 1978. During this sojourn between life and death, he played cards with a strange bearded old man in white. Winning the game, the strange bearded man promised Roger that he would return to life, achieve great wealth and international fame. Though he was successfully resuscitated, Roger has since realised that the old bearded man was lying.

This is also true: Roger Gregg is an award winning playwright, composer, audio-producer and actor. Over the past 25 years he has written for Crazy Dog Theatre, Dublin Youth Theatre, TEAM, The American National Audio Theatre Festival, Graffiti Theatre, The Razor Edge, Oberon Theatre and The Gaiety School of Acting. His plays have also been produced by New York University, the University of Missouri and by the Theaterpedagogisches Zentrum in Nuremberg, Germany. His Crazy Dog productions have won many international awards including; 3 American Mark Time Science Fiction Awards, 2 Ogle Fantasy Awards and 2 AUDIOFILE Golden Earphone Awards. As a composer, Roger has created music for numerous exhibitions, films and theatre productions. In particular he has created many soundscapes for BARRABAS Theatre Co. In 2010 he was nominated for Best Sound Design in the Irish Theatre Awards for BARRABAS’s acclaimed ‘Johnny Patterson The Singing Irish Clown’. As a voice actor in countless commercials and many animation series, Roger’s most noted voice role is Eddie the computer in BBC Radio 4’s Sony Award winning Tertiary and Quintessential Phases of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Also true: The will be performing 4 or 5 songs at the show. And they will be brilliant.

“One of a handful of truly great radio dramatists” – BBC RADIO 4


The Brownbread Players |

Brand new funny skits and sketches on the theme of the night as written and performed by our resident troupe The Brownbread Players (Gus McDonagh, Sean McDonagh, Kalle Ryan and Eva Bartley)


Barring any technical hitches, we will be broadcasting LIVE ON D’INTERNET here

We will be having a fundraising RAFFLE with highy desirable and coveted prizes

And you can expect lots of surprises and silliness

It would be a pleasure to see you all there!


Our web based presence comes in a variety of other forms: YouTubeFacebookTwitter


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