The Rising Irish – Poetry Showcase at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City

If you find yourself in New York next week (or indeed if you know anyone in New York) please head along to the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe on Wednesday April 20th for a showcase of the very best and blazingly original, contemporary Irish poets. Culture Ireland/Imagine Ireland in association with The Glor Sessions will host this unique show and it promises to be an absolute belter. Our resident MC and spoken wordmeister Kalle Ryan will be proudly performing alongside the monstrously talented Stephen James Smith, Dave Lordan, Sarah Maria Griffin, John Cummins and Karl Parkinson (see their past performances at the brownbread mixtape below). The show starts at 6pm and is a mere ten bucks to get in. (Culture Ireland event listing here).They need all the support they can get, so please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. COME ON IRELAND!


Kalle Ryan – The Reformartists


Stephen James Smith – The Gardener


Dave Lordan – Fearless


John Cummins – Stagefright


Karl Parkinson – The Positivity Manifesto


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5 responses to “The Rising Irish – Poetry Showcase at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City

  1. why no mention of me, my name is gerard quain, the greastest of the new irish poets, you will find my work on, or alternatively download my ebook, “snatches of mind” from lulu .com

    • brownbreadmixtape

      Well Gerard Quain, because it was invite only, it was about performance poetry and it was 6 months ago.

      But maybe you are the greatest because of your elusiveness and anonymity. Like all the greats

      • thanks for your swift reply but i am a bit faraway from new you, here in limerick, as for the greatest , that was just to get attention, which sort of pathetic now that i think of it, but if you all get a chance take a look at my website, or download my ebook ,sorry about being aprat, but i just spotted your link on google to late as it happens yours gerard quian

      • brownbreadmixtape

        Gerard, no worries. Was only joshing you a bit. We were lucky enough to get asked to go over there in April. We are all based in Ireland. If you find yourself in Dublin please stop by our show to check it out. We usually have at least one poet every month performing. Will have a look at your ebook now, cheers

  2. thank you and the best of luck to you and all who promote new writing.

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