the brownbread mixtape – Apr 27th – “things that are not cool”

the brownbread mixtape #19 is on Wed, Feb 23rd at 8.30pm, upstairs in the Stag’s Head. the theme for this month is “things that are not cool”

Book your FREE ticket for the show right here on our Event Elephant page

resident MC Kalle Ryan will be in place again to host proceedings and rattle off comedic bon mots. resident sound man Enda Roche will also be in the corner co-hosting and ringing in the decibels.

The following incredible performers will be on the lineup:


Deaf Joe |

Deaf Joe is the nickname of Waterford musician Joe Harney. He originally started out writing music for theatre, but was convinced to consider putting out his own music by friends who heard a demo of a track he had left over from a show that never went into production. To date he has released three EPs through Dublin’s Delphi Label, and is currently preparing his first full-length album for release later in the year. He also sometimes joins the live line-up of fellow Waterfordian Katie Kim. the brownbread mixtape is delighted to welcome the mellifluous talents of Deaf Joe to our stage. [ ]

“Joe emerges pearl-like from his shell. Sublime songs and divine inspiration; a potent mix.” – Donal Dineen

Justin Grounds |

Justin is a solitary purveyor of sound, who lives in a wee cottage by the sea and records songs combining violins, thumb piano, electronica and his voice. His 2010 record ‘The Dissolving’ met great acclaim after many months of touring live. .Nialler9 put it on his best of 2010 list, plus lots of people said nice things about it. the brownbread mixtape is jazzed to welcome the inimitable and eclectic musical magic of Justin Grounds to the stage. [ ]

“Definitely one of my favourite records of 2010…” – Dan Hegarty, RTE 2FM


Sweatshop Jesus |

Sweatshop Jesus has been collecting unusual ethnic and handmade instruments for the last 10 years. His area of musical interest lies in harmonics and overtones, dissonance and discordance, the fine line where notes split and either resolve themselves or don’t. He explores this area using oscillators and glitched synths adding texture with the aforementioned instruments as well as several instruments of his own invention and ‘found objects with musical potential’. These sonic experiments provide the soundscape to his spoken word performances which tend towards Anthropomorphiconceptualism, where concepts, emotion and states of being are given human characteristics. the brownbread mixtape is excited to welcome the unusual spoken word and soundscape stylings of Sweatshop Jesus to a Dublin stage for the first time. [ ]

Aiden O’Reilly |

Aiden is a short story writer and playwright from Dublin who believes a bio is a marketing tool. He chooses to leave that bullshit for agents and the like. the brownbread mixtape tends to agree. [ ]


Katie Compa |

Katie is a fast-talking East Coaster from Washington, D.C., a great place to learn to be a cynic. Growing up an ugly duckling—and a nerd to boot—helped Katie develop a biting sense of humor as a highly effective defense mechanism, which she now uses to write and perform comedy (and survive her day job).Katie is a member of the 5 Funny Females tour, and was a finalist in the 2007 Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition and a semifinalist in the 2009 California’s Funniest Female Competition. She performs regularly on both coasts. the brownbread mixtape is thrilled to welcome this international comedy sensation to the stage. [ ]


The Brownbread Players |

Our very own hilarious sketch troupe will perform brand new skits and sketches on the theme of the night. The Brownbread Players are Eva Bartley, Gus McDonagh, Sean McDonagh and Kalle Ryan. [ ]

“Scrap Saturday style sketches” – Davin O’Dwyer, Irish Times


Barring any technical hitches, we will be broadcasting LIVE ON D’INTERNET at

We will be having our monthly RAFFLE with highy desirable and coveted prizes

And you can expect lots of surprises and silliness

It would be a pleasure to see you all there!


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