Upcoming BBMT events – Mindfield Festival and Trash Culture Revue!

Tickets for our monthly show on Wednesday April 27th are sold out. There may be a few tickets on the door but we can’t guarantee it. That’s a bummer man.

But fear not, we have two other brilliant brownbread mixtape events planned for the next fortnight, so you can get fresh slices of brown bread in different locations with different toppings. They are going to be very very special.  Far out man!

We really need your support for these shows to ensure that more events like them will happen in the future. Support live art, live music, live poetry! So, if you would consider sending on the link to this blog or the websites and Facebook event pages below, we would be most grateful. Much obliged.

We are really looking forward to the shows and can’t wait to see you there!

1. Mindfield Festival
(Dublin – Friday April 29th)

The Brownbread Mixtape will proudly be showcasing poetry by our very own Kalle Ryan and the mighty poetess Erin Fornoff at the MindField Festival in Dublin on Friday April 29th. We are thrilled, honored and delighted to be part of such an inspiring and cool event. The maestro of metre and rhyme, Mr Marty Mulligan will host this spectacular night of spoken word which will also feature performance poetry by the fine folks at Tongue Box and The Glór Sessions. All for only 10 EUR. That, my friends, is a bloody bargain. It will be brilliant!

Get your tickets now for a really special night. Go on, clickety click right here.


2. Trash Culture Revue
(Cork – Saturday May 7th)

Dearest Cork rebels. On May 7th we’re taking The Brown Bread Mixtape to the People’s Republic of Cork as part of the very cool Trash Culture Revue festival. Our very special Cork-flavoured theme of the night will be “Rebels!” The show is taking place at The Woodford and kicks off at 8pm. We have a killer lineup that you would normally pay bucketloads of cash to see, but for one night only they will perform for your pleasure for the princely sum of zero EURO. Yes, the show is FREE! Featuring performances from outstanding musicians Pearse McGloughlin and Fia Rua, rhymes and rhythm from Munster poetry slam champion Fergus Costello and emotional and impactful poems from multiple award winning poet Stephen James Smith. And, of course, hilarious sketches by The Brownbread Players. All hosted with the usual aplomb and silliness by MC Kalle Ryan and sound man sidekick superstar Enda Roche.

—Facebook event page for BBMT in Cork can be found here—

—-Click here for more info on other great shows in the Trash Culture Revue—-


The brownbread mixtape is a free monthly comedy, poetry & music show in The Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, Ireland. Each month’s show has a theme and we all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

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