Mindfield Review + Brilliant Cartoons and Illustrations of the Slam Poets

 What a gorgeous sunny Bank Holiday weekend here in Dublin. Hope you all enjoyed the sweet weather. We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and one of the true highlights was the brownbread mixtape showcase on Friday evening at the Mindfield Festival in Dublin.

“Kalle Ryan – 7 Deadly Facts” (Apr 29th 2011)
Artist: Colm Mac Athlaoich

The south end of leafy Merrion Square had been magically transformed into a mini Electric Picnic and on Friday night, our very own wordsmith Kalle Ryan took to the stage with Erin Fornoff to represent the poetic prowess of the brownbread mixtape at The Word at Mindfield.

“Erin Fornoff – Stephen James Smith” (Apr 29th 2011)
Artist: Colm Mac Athlaoich

Chief rhyme-slinger and MC, Marty Mulligan, was on hand to guide proceedings in his trademark poetic, rhythmic, shamanic way. In addition to our own night being showcased, The Glor Sessions and TongueBox, two of the other giants of the spoken word/poetry scene in Dublin were there too. The energy in the room was warm and engaged (with the notable exception of the gargled bowsy who had to be chaperoned out) and the audience were effusive and enthusiastic in their praise afterwards.

“Marty Mulligan – Kalle Ryan – Erin Fornoff”
Artist:  Philip Barrett

In addition to the wonderful words being bandied about, there were several really gifted artists, illustrators and cartoonists attending the event who dashed down artistic depictions of people and concepts as they happened. As you can see from the selections here, they are witty, wicked, weird and wonderful. (You can see an entire Flickr feed of the work they did at the festival here)

“Kalle Ryan – 7 Deadly Facts” (Apr 29th 2011)
Artist: Paddy Lynch

It was such a cool and innovative idea to bring these artists on board to document the event and the results were truly excellent. Super little slices of the people and soundbites of a weekend dedicated to ideas and words.

“Kalle Ryan – Do’s and Don’ts” (Apr 29th 2011)
Artist: Colm Mac Athlaoich

Maximum respect to all of the artists, performers & speakers and to the Mindfield organisers for staging such an intelligent, interesting event. A really great showcase of the thinkers and thought-provoking people amongst us.  Long may it continue!


The brownbread mixtape is a free monthly poetry, comedy & music show in The Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, Ireland. Each month’s show has a theme and we all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

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