“Kalle now does everyday PR campagin”: Pedantic musings on spelling mistakes and grammar

Time for the grammar police to get heavy handed. If you are not a pedantic person, look away now. This post contains scenes of unforgivable cruelty to the English language.

As one strolled home of an evening, one spotted two advertisements on either side of a bus stop advertising hoarding. So far, nothing truly unusual. However, upon closer inspection, both ads contained fairly irritating and unforgivable cock-ups. It’s one thing making a mistake on a blog that no one reads  but if you have a team of people (all in possession of a brain presumably) to look at the advertisement multiple times in the “creative” process, surely one of them could have raised an objection or concern at some point. Let’s begin with the case of Bulmers which is the most galling as it appears to be intentional.

“Bulmers Light Now Does Pint Bottle”. No, Bulmers now does grammar bad. Bulmers now does away with the conventions of the English language. Actually, Bulmers Light doesn’t really do anything if we’re being honest.

One can only assume that this is some attempt to tap into the vernacular of a cider drinker who asks the barman (albeit incorrectly) “Do you do pint bottles?” Unless the barman is a sexual deviant, the correct answer is “No, but Bulmers Light is now available in a pint bottle if you would like to purchase one to get off your cider drinking little face”. But life just isn’t like that. Instead we have an ad that says “Bulmers Light Now Does Pint Bottle”. And by the way Bulmers, we were not waiting eagerly for this moment to arrive. Not even a little bit.

The next case is the following advertisement by Magnum ice-cream. Their ice-cream is certainly delightful but their copy-editing leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

“Seek pleasure and win dream experiences everyday”. Let us set aside the fact that the sentence is completely baffling and ultimately meaningless. Or the fact that the ad is cluttered and utterly banal. There is a more everyday mistake to be tackled. The type of spelling mistake one could easily make every day. Unless, one would hope, one were part of a large marketing team who presumably speaks English and has to sign off on everything before it goes to a printer at a cost of several thousand Euro. That everyday mistake is clearly now being regretted every day at Magnum. Or, most likely, nobody has noticed yet because they are too busy high-fiving each other about the revenue impact of the ad campaign, which will be difficult to measure as people tend to buy Magnum ice-creams anyway, regardless of any poorly thought out ad campaigns.

And so we come to our last culprit: Our esteemed national newspaper The Irish Times. More of an oversight this time round, but a bad miss nevertheless.

Sure, it’s a big story. A really big story.  But surely the bigger story is that someone forgot to copy edit the piece and check the spelling in the headline? So, with that in mind, I am officially starting a “PR campagin” to get the job as sub-editor at the Irish Times! You heard it here first. Can I count on your vote? Pedants of the world, join me! – Kalle


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2 responses to ““Kalle now does everyday PR campagin”: Pedantic musings on spelling mistakes and grammar

  1. *Applauds*

    Magnum have been my grammar enemies ever since their pointless and bewildering use of an interrobang in their Benicio del Toro ads for Magnum Gold?! last year. It was most grating indeed.

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