brilliant brownbread birthday celebrations!

Thanks to every one of you who came to our show last night and joined us in our second birthday festivities. It has been a remarkable couple of years with an astonishing array of performers of the very highest calibre. But the one thing that has set us apart from every other night in this city is you, the audience. Your generosity of spirit and pure passion & warmth are unparalleled. (Plus your stories are pretty hilarious too) It is the electricity and energy in that room every month that makes us want to keep it going.

(AWLF  – The Guilty Folk :: Written specifically about the brownbread mixtape audience)


When we began this wonderful night two years ago, we set out to simply create an event that we would love to see ourselves. Our central philosophy has remained unchanged since day one. The show must expose people to great new artists & art forms, to be accessible to anyone and to always be of a consistently high artistic standard. Last night is proof positive that we have achieved that and more.

Thank you to everyone who has attended the brownbread mixtape over the last two years. Thanks to all of you for spreading the word and supporting live music, live poetry and live comedy in Dublin city. It is a pleasure to do the show every month and thanks to your support we have even been able to bring the show to the Imagine Festival in Waterford, the Mindfield Festival in Dublin, the Trash Culture Revue in Cork, The Flat Lake Festival in Monaghan and several other venues. We have loads of really exciting stuff coming up later this year, so please stay connected to us here and on our Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates. We will also post up the film of last night’s event once the brilliant gang at Storymap Dublin have completed it. We are really excited about it!

So, we are taking a well earned break for the month of July to recharge our artistic and spiritual batteries, but we will return in August with bucketfuls of brilliance and zen for another fresh slice of brown bread. So, we wish you all a happy summer holiday and, you never know, there might be a few blog posts on here between now and then to keep you topped up with artistic goodness.

Kalle & Enda


The brownbread mixtape is a free monthly comedy, poetry & music show in the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Each  show has a theme. We all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

We can be followed & liked in these places:
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