the brownbread mixtape is socially networked up the wazoo. like us, really like us…

the brownbread mixtape is willing to be your friend in a variety of digital, social settings. find out where we are and then join us. it will be awkward at first, but then it will be super cosy and comfortable. we promise.


Your first port of call should be our super-cool YouTube channel with over 120 videos of past performers. The channel is regularly updated and we proudly showcase live performances from our monthly show featuring the very best music, spoken word and sketch comedy in Ireland right now. We also throw in the occasional short film and oddball music video on the channel too. Please subscribe!


Apart from this wonderful blog of ours, the main place to get regular updates and general information type stuff is our Facebook page. At over 1000 fans and rising it’s time to get on the bandwagon while we still have some indie credibility. Our very own sketch troupe, The Brownbread Players have their own Facebook page too, so please give them your thumbs up as well (they need it!). We like you, so we would like it if you liked us too, like.


Additionally we have been known to “do the twitters” with our adoring niche group of followers. We have been retweeted by members of the Garda Siochana, journalists from the Irish Times, top Irish psychologists, legendary pissheads and other people who enjoy playing digital Chinese whispers. We would be tweetily grateful if you started following us and we will smoke this #BBMT hashtag with you next time we see you.


As the internet evolves, so does the brownbread mixtape. We like to make new friends in all of the different digital ways, so we have set up a supercool Google+ page to share all of the funky new and exciting things that we do in another way. We share quite a lot of photos here, as well as reposting wacky and interesting content by our users (that’s you!). Join our circle and may it be unbroken forever!

the brownbread mixtape – Google+ Page


Every month we do a cool, live webcast of our show online. The picture is a charming, flickering, orangey webcam and the audio is straight from the soundboard, so it comes across like a modern day family-gathered-around-the-wireless type of occasion. Many of our past shows are archived at our internet-based television studio address, so please pop over and have a gander at previous slices of internet broadcast history.


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