feast your eyes on this! – the brownbread mixtape – feb 29th – theme: food

Join us at the brownbread mixtape on Wed, Feb 29th upstairs in the Stag’s Head. the theme for this month is “Food”. Resident MC Kalle Ryan will be in place again to host proceedings humorously. resident sound man Enda Roche will also be in the corner co-hosting and delivering the decibels. (Facebook event listing is here)

The following brilliant performers will be on the lineup, have a peek at their videos:


Cal Folger Day

Cal Folger Day crafts eccentric songbook-style folk tunes. Based in New York City, she currently performs several times a week with her new trio, Rayvon Browne, both in the city and on the road. She has played at renowned New York venues such as the Marlin Room at Webster Hall, Rockwood Stage II, and Arlene’s Grocery. Noted for her riveting live performances, as well as her mastery of lyric composition, her style echoes the likes of Patsy Cline, Karen Dalton, Connie Converse, and Loretta Lynn. the brownbread mixtape is thrilled to have this exceptionally talented Brooklynite on our Dublin stage for a performance.

Cal Folger Day is a guitarist and chanteuse with jazz leanings, whose vocal control and onstage presence command attention.” – The New Yorker

The Crayon Set 

The Crayon Set released their much-anticipated debut EP last November, and it recieved “pick of the fortnight” from Hot Press magazine. The EP has been designed as a sampler of their debut album, which is recorded and scheduled for release this May. This exciting music collective are based in Dublin and they play an upbeat, hook-filled mix of indie pop/rock – with some elements of folk and chamber music also thrown in. They use a wide variety of instruments including oboe, double bass, Wurlitzer, violin, cavaquinho, trumpet and flute and they specialise in multi-layered harmonies.The band has supported Ash, Cathy Davey, Ocean Colour Scene and  Heathers, amongst others, in recent months. Their debut album was recorded in Leeders Farm Studios in the UK and it was co-produced with Nick Brine (The Beta Band, Ash, Super Furry Animals). The EP is available to download for free from the band’s website. the brownbread mixtape is delighted to welcome this delightful band to the stage.

The band display a knack for bright, colourful, indie-pop.” – Entertainment.ie


Senakah first fell into place in Limerick City, Ireland in the latter half of 2005. Vocalist Rob Hope and bass-player Yvonne Conaty, had been in a band which imploded, Daragh O’Loughlin had joined as it’s drummer just before it breathed its last. The trio became a four-o when they were blown away by Brendan O’Gorman’s guitar wrangling skills at a house party and invited him to join the band. The four piece had their first gig at a local Battle Of The Bands (yes, they did win – thanks for asking) and from then on they have been on an unbending mission to bring their unique music to the world. Having completed a series of highly successful tours to the USA, they recently returned and recorded their second album Human Relations which was produced Noel Hogan of The Cranberries. the brownbread mixtape is very happy to have them perform their top tunes with us.

fantastic vocals and lyrics” – 2 U I Bestow music blog


John Cummins

John Cummins is “like sausages, he goes gobsolete…like krimminalls, he knows da beat on da street…like messages, he either texts or he tweets…like slanguages, he grammatically competes with da oxford and da collins diction, continuously they enter contradiction…he spells words like yood never ever spell ’em, he tells words like yood never ever tell em…his sub conch cranium’s in touch with cerebellum, it’s a bone thing, a poem sing : quad ester rantzen (that’s life)…like an anthem, he’s a grunt inna stadium…like a medium, he’s filled with extra tedium…like a slow mo in foke us action replay, in HD his poetry is played by all deejay…like any bio, orra girl, lass or lad, he’s blissfully unaware of things he’s never had…tickin da box – dee oh bee : nineteen seventy three…aboutapprox twenty years writing poetry….” the brownbread mixtape heartily endorses this type of personal biograph page and warmly welcomes John’s beatific bending of language to the stage!


The Brownbread Players

One of the most enjoyable parts of the monthly brownbread mixtape show are the original sketches written and performed by our very own Brownbread Players sketch troupe. The troupe is made up of professional actors Gus McDonagh, Eva Bartley and Sean McDonagh, as well as our own chancer Kalle Ryan . All of the sketches are performed in the style of a live radio comedy show (akin to the classic Goon Show), complete with bloopers, giggles and audience interaction. They are consistently hilarious and are often the most popular element of our show. They are absurd, silly, satirical and a super-rapid-deadly-buzz!


Barring any technical hitches, we will be broadcasting LIVE ON D’INTERNET here

We will be having our monthly RAFFLE with highy desirable and coveted prizes

And you can expect lots of surprises and silliness

It would be a pleasure to see you all there!


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