Seven photos of New Yorkers at the intersection between Nassau Street and Ann Street in June 2007

On June 24th 2007 I was waiting for my wife outside a shop at the corner of Ann Street and Nassau Street in downtown Manhattan in New York City. I bent down to tie my shoelaces and suddenly saw the bustling New York street from an unusual perspective. So, I decided to take a few photos of the New Yorkers as they walked by. What resulted was a selection of weird and wonderful portraits of the different personalities that stroll along in that part of the city. The photos below are completely unedited and exactly as I took them on the day. I don’t wish to infringe upon anyone’s privacy, so if you know someone in these photos, or , if indeed you are in the photo yourself, please let me know and I can take the photo down. To me they are  fascinating document of the people and the city of New York and I hope you enjoy them in the same spirit.









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2 responses to “Seven photos of New Yorkers at the intersection between Nassau Street and Ann Street in June 2007

  1. Kalle that brings me right back to my days in NYC. I used to love walking down to Greenwich Village to get lunch. One day I swore I saw Joe Walsh (you know.. The Eagles….) out and about. I mentioned it to one of my colleages back in the office. Sharp as a tack he responded “Pete… *everyone* in the Village looks like Joe Walsh…”

    • brownbreadmixtape


      What I love about the photos is that they are all pure moments. The photos themselves are relatively poor and out of focus but they are authentic snapshots of New Yorkers. This could be any day of any year in New York and you would get equally similar and wildly different results. Glad to hear they resonate with you Peter!

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