We won the Electric Picnic again!


We had an absolute blast at Electric Picnic again this year. Our thanks to Marty Mulligan for including us on The Word stage in Mindfield. Our sincere thanks to the many hundreds of you who came out to catch our shows on Saturday and Sunday. And, of course, our profound love and gratitude to the incredible performers who graced our shows. The weekend wasn’t without it’s hiccups but we are incredibly proud of the two kickass shows we put on. Saturday saw us open with a rousing, raucous rendition of Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer , followed by mesmerising rhymes from John Cummins, hysterical sketches from The Brownbread Players and a sweet superstar set of music from the trio of Pearse McGloughlin, Sweeney Lee and Fia Rua. We closed it out with a suitably savage singsong version of Kalle’s alternative Irish national anthem ‘My Blood is Boiling for Ireland’ . Sunday saw us open the show with a boisterous version of Ole, Ole, Ole and segue sweetly into the superb songs of EleventyFour (fresh from her barnstorming set at the Body & Soul Main Stage), sharply followed by further funny sketches from The Brownbread Players, and closing out proceedings was the deft and daft touch of Fergus Costello and his Joe Foley Mandola. As the final refrain of the alternative anthem rung around the tent, we smiled to see an ocean of happy camping festival goers who had shared in a truly wonderful experience with us. We look forward to doing it all over again next year! Our regular show in The Stags Head returns on Wednesday Sept 26th, so stay tuned for that! Our podcast is still going strong and available on iTunes or from this very blog (XML feed at top of the menu on right hand side). Stay connected, stay in touch and stay happy. See you all soon!


the brownbread mixtape is a free monthly live comedy, poetry & music show in Dublin, Ireland.

Each show has a theme. Each act does a performance based on the theme. We all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

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