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Best of 2010 – Comedy

This year saw the introduction of stand-up comedy to our brownbread mixtape show and we had a brilliant array of Ireland’s finest and funniest onstage. All of these acts are top drawer and we were very lucky to have them. Keep an eye out for them all in 2011 and give them your support. Being that funny is no joke.

So, without further ado, in no discernible order, here are the top 10 comedy acts of 2010 at the brownbread mixtape…

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1. Dave Hurley

A gentleman with a great gaggle of jokes. We said at the time: “Dave was cheeky, charming, clever and most of all, really funny. Dave’s set was snappy and set the bar high for any comedians who dare to follow in his brownbread footsteps. His bit about puppies and reducing them to a granular consistency is destined to be a quoted classic. You will be hearing more about this man. Mark our words. Hopefully in a comedy context.”


2.The Lonely Schizophrenic

Funny feckers with bundles of charisma and cracking tunes. We said at the time: “Our final act of the night was comedy musical act The Lonely Schizophrenic and what a cracking performance it was. The songs are catchy, disgusting, hilarious, hummable, outrageous and ultimately just plain great. Frontman Anto Kane is a bundle of fizzing energy, sharp observations and cheeky divilment. Andy Delamere’s understated guitar accompaniment and vocal harmonies add real depth to an already fantastic performance. If they are playing anywhere near you soon, do yourself a favour, go see them. They are deadly and they do not deserve to be lonely.”


3. Ronan Grace

A super-charming and funny comedian. We said at the time:Ronan had a really easygoing stage manner backed up with some really razor-sharp jokes which went over really well. Mixing highbrow postmodernist conceptual material with old fashioned puns and gags, he had the audience laughing blissfully along with his take on the world around him. A funny man who you should do your utmost to catch live next time he is performing.”


4. Rory O’Hanlon

A well honed act with great delivery. We said at the time: “Rory O’Hanlon kicked the show off with a really funny set about all things Irish. Rory is well on his way to being a future comedy star, catch him now before he hits the big time and ends up in Copperface Jacks of an evening.”


5. Gerry McBride

A polished comedic performer with funny-as-hell jokes to back it up. We said at the time: “Gerry McBride delivered a really funny set about fashionable tv shows, car based love and so much more.”


6. Trevor Browne

Subtle, silly and sarcastic musical comedy. We said at the time: “Bringing together his twin weapons of the guitar and mind, he broke our funny bones into little pieces with his comedic musings (…) singing some of his funniest songs (even producing a really well-received brown(e)bread remix of “Freaky” for the occasion). He is a terrifically funny comedian who has an interesting mix of subtle and wacky material. You really have to see him perform. No seriously, you really do.”


7. Carmody & Jones

Veterans of the Irish comedy scene and true legends. Their set of musical comedy was wacky, witty, biting, emotional and flat-out hilarious. Their EP, The Morale Will Continue Until The Beatings Improve is still available on iTunes, it’s still very funny and it’s still worth your cash. All hail Carmody & Jones.


8. Damon Blake

A smart and sharp gag writer of the highest calibre. We said at the time: “The caped crusader of comedy, Damon Blake. His witty act had the crowd guffawing gleefully all the way through.”


9. Foil, Arms & Hog

Anarchic, snappy, energetic trio of sketch performers with very very funny high-concept sketches. We said at the time: “It was then time for our final act, the absolutely hysterical sketch comedy trio Foil, Arms & Hog. The lads elicited wave after wave of laughter with their zany comedy sketches, but the biggest laughs were reserved for their brand new thematically “cool” sketch about iPhone apps written specifically for the show. That brought the house down. Foil, Arms & Hog are headed over to the Edinburgh festival this summer and upon their return, expect them to be packing out Vicar Street and beyond. Catch them now while you can!”


10 You – The Audience

Some of the funniest comedic one-liners of the year have come from you, the brownbread mixtape audience.

Each month we ask you to write down anecdotes and stories related to the theme, and you consistently deliver some of the funniest and strangest snapshots & observations from the world we live in.

Keep em coming next year!


And that’s all folks. We look forward to next year being as funny as this one.

Our web based presence comes in the following flavours. go on, taste them:




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the brownbread mixtape #10 in audiovisual review

The most recent brownbread mixtape was a roaring success once again, with absolutely fantastic performances all round. Massive thanks to all the performers as well as our wonderful audience. We really are going from strength to strength each month! Here are some YouTube clips with photo montages & audio of the night to let you feel the stinking love once more. Enjoy!


Dave Lordan kicked things off by belting out his hilarious poem “Fearless”. His latest book of poems “Invitation to a Sacrifice” is available now.


The resident Brownbread Players (Eva Bartley and Kalle Ryan) perform a hilarious new episode of their ongoing soap opera entitled “The State of Our Relationship”. This month’s episode is “The Relationship within Ireland and England” which features a rebellious young upstart (played by guest star Dorothy Cotter). [You can watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 here]


The Brownbread Players humorously read aloud a series of genuine personal ads culled from the world wide web. Truth is stranger than fiction…


Herm deliver a cracking rendition of their latest single “Rearrange”. Taken from their marvellous album “Monsters


Side B kicked off with Kalle reading out audience submitted anecdotes and stories about love.


Gerry McBride delivered a really funny set about fashionable tv shows, car based love and so much more.


The Brownbread Players read a second batch of absolutely real personal ads from the internet. You couldn’t write this stuff…


The Brownbread Players literally speak the unspoken subtextual truths in a conversation between every husband and wife.


The Guilty Folk (with special guest EleventyFour) perform the wild and wonderful song “Happy”. Both acts are performing regularly throughout the summer. Make it your duty to see them live.


The Guilty Folk close out the evening with their angry, sexy, stinking love ballad “Hate Sex”. Don’t knock it till you tried it.


Another great month of amazing performances, raucous fun and a wonderful audience. Thank you all and we will see you all on July 28th for the next brownbread mixtape. The theme of the night will be “the future”!

Cheers! — Kalle and Enda

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the brownbread mixtape #10 – Love Stinks – June 30th 2010

the brownbread mixtape is an amazing free monthly gig. each gig has a theme. we invite poets, musicians, comedians. they do a performance related to the theme. we all have loads of fun. simple as that.

brownbread mixtape #10 is on Wed, June 30th at 8.30pm, upstairs in the Stag’s Head. the theme for this month is “Love Stinks”

please join us, as we have an incredible line up of the very best contemporary performers, who you would normally have to pay big piles of cash to see, but for one night only, they come together and perform for art’s sake. for free. for you.

resident MC Kalle Ryan will be in place again to deliver some laugh out loud interludes and get a Pavlovian response by holding up his homemade *applause* sign. resident sound man Enda Roche will also be in the corner fiddling with his knobs as usual.

the following stupendous performers are confirmed to play>


The Guilty Folk |

The Guilty Folk, comprising of Aidan Comerford and Sarah Williams, are known for their weird, wonderful and witty original songs and their astoundingly competent live performances. They like their sardonic duets served warm with country ham, old-fashioned cheese, and truly overpowering relish. In short, if these people were soup there’d be eatin’ and drinkin in ‘em. the brownbread mixtape is delighted to welcome them back to the stage to unleash their guilty folking. They are sharp, witty and and sing the catchiest damn songs this side of The Beatles.

Herm |

Herm is the offspring of Her and Him. Herm’s debut album MONSTERS was released last year and was described by Hot Press magazine as “a must for fans of uneasy listening”. Two previous singles taken from it were HEADS and YEAR OF THE HORSE. Both were nominated for awards – the Irish Music Television Awards, and the International Songwriting Competition respectively. Current single REARRANGE is a riposte to Gloria Gaynor’s I WILL SURVIVE and can be heard at http://www.herm.tv. The brownbread mixtape is riotously happy to bring the musical magic of Herm to you.

“Bold and ambitious, Herm brings the listener on a stylistic road-trip… a powerful showcase of a considerable talent” — Connected


Dave Lordan |

Dave was born in Derby, England, in 1975, and grew up in Clonakilty in West Cork. In 2004 he was awarded an Arts Council bursary and in 2005 he won the Patrick Kavanagh Award for Poetry. His collections are “The Boy in The Ring” (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Poetry, 2007), which won the Strong Award for best first collection by an Irish writer and was shortlisted for the Irish Times poetry prize; and “Invitation to a Sacrifice” (Salmon Poetry, 2010). Eigse Riada theatre company produced his first play, Jo Bangles, at the Mill Theatre, Dundrum in 2010. He has lived in Holland, Greece and Italy, and now resides in Greystones, Co Wicklow. Dave Lordan is a fearless, brilliant poet and the brownbread mixtape is seriously excited to have him perform with us.

“Invitation to A Sacrifice demands to be read and heard in the way that Lordan’s great precursors (including Burroughs and Bolaño) command our attention. No other Irish poet writing today has a clearer sense of the rottenness of the contemporary Irish state, or the courage to critique it in the way Lordan does in this collection” – Dr Philip Coleman TCD


Gerry McBride |

Voted Comedian of the Year 2009 and winner of the prestigious Tedfest New Comedian award, Gerry McBride has been making a name for himself the length and breadth of the country as one of the most original and hilarious new acts on the scene. Spot-on observations delivered with precision timing make this Monaghan comic a real name to watch. the brownbread mixtape is thrilled to have Gerry perform his funny funny material for you funny funny people.


Brand new funny skits and sketches on the theme of the night as written and performed by our resident brownbread players (Sean McDonagh, Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan and Eva Bartley — plus special guest envoy from China: Niall McDonagh).


As always, there will be some lovely little SURPRISES along the way.

And a RAFFLE with highy desirable and coveted prizes (incl. the limited edition brownbread mixtape CD)

Barring any technical hitches. we will be broadcasting LIVE ON D’INTERNET here.

It would be a pleasure to see you all there!

For more info, our web based presence comes in a variety of forms:

audio> myspace
video> youtube
fanaticism> facebook
chirping> twitter


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