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a documentary about performance poetry in Dublin

Last year Danny Carroll (2XM) put together the first ever documentary about the current performance poetry scene that is brewing and fizzing here in bubblin’ Dublin. It is now available for the first time online and features lengthy excerpts from the brownbread mixtape, as well as an interview with our resident MC and house poet Kalle Ryan. A lovely snapshot of a moment in time and while much has changed even since it was made (The Glor Sessions no longer exists) , it features some great performances and interviews with many of Dublin’s leading performers, all of whom are past performers at the brownbread mixtape (incl. Fergus Costello, Stephen James Smith, Abby Oliveira, Raven, CAH-44 and Colm Keegan) . Yeah, POETRY!


the brownbread mixtape is a free monthly comedy, poetry & music show in the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Each  show has a theme. Each act does a performance based on the theme. We all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

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