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best of the brownbread mixtape 2011 – Brownbread Players: Sketch Comedy

One of our favourite parts of the monthly brownbread mixtape show is the radio-style sketches by our resident troupe The Brownbread Players.  Unfortunately we don’t have audio or video of all of the sketches from this past year, but all the more reason then to listen to our podcast in 2012 to catch up. Please take a moment to listen to the sketches below and if they particularly tickle your funny bone, then please pass them on in your favoured form of social media, so that others can hear them and share in the hilarity.

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1. Werner Herzog : Skanger Man (Studio Version)

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Kalle Ryan and Gus McDonagh. ]

Of all the sketches we have ever written and performed, this one has consistently received the most wildly positive reaction. Funnily enough, we weren’t sure if it would even make the cut at the January 2011 show where it debuted, as it felt far too esoteric for an audience to latch on to. Surely noone would know or care enough about Werner Herzog to enjoy a spoof documentary by him about a Dublin skanger? But we underestimated our smart and savvy audience, as they roared in appreciation and stuck with it from start to finish. Since then we have performed the sketch to hugely appreciative audiences at the Flat Lake Festival, Imagine Arts Festival and Electric Picnic. The original live sketch, which can be seen here, has already racked up over 800 views on YouTube, but since then we have recorded a studio version with Enda Roche on production duties and it trumps even the original. We are hugely proud of it, like a secret fart.


2. Celebrity Knacker Drinking

[ Written by Ken Rogan. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Eva Bartley.  ]

Beautifully filmed by Tom and Andy of Storymap (check their fascinating website out here), this sketch was loads of fun to perform as we took the simple premise of these three unlikely celebrities going on the lash with each other in Dublin. Mostly it gave Ken a good excuse to get Kalle to do his hammy Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and for Gus to look the part as a floppy haired Jim Morrison.


3. Newsnight : General Election Special

[ Written by Kalle Ryan and Ken Rogan. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Eva Bartley.  ]

This year saw a general election at last, so we eagerly took a potshot at the scoundrels in power, as well as the many pontificating politicians looking to take their place. Much of the humour is time and context specific, but hopefully it still stands up as a funny document of the end of the Fianna Failure era and the ushering in of the next wave of bullshit.


4. The Twitter Sketch

[ Written by Kalle Ryan, Kanye West, Jedward and Charlie Sheen. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan and Eva Bartley.  ]

Every now and again we hit upon a sketch that amuses us a ridiculous amount and ultimately has no right to work in a live setting (See last year’s Actual Conversation on YouTube). The Twitter sketch is exactly one of those sketches, made all the better thanks to the superb live saxophone accompaniment by Roger Gregg, as well as the remarkable source material from Charlie Sheen, Kanye West and Jedward. Insane 140 character haikus set to jazz.


5. America’s Next Top Model

[ Written by Sean McDonagh. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan,  Sean McDonagh and Eva Bartley. ]

Tyra(nt) Banks unleashes her venom on three unwitting, witless wannabe models named Kimberly, Mikado and Coconut Cream. Spot on observations about the show coupled with the loopy challenges made this sketch a massive hit with our audience. Plus we all learned how to “sm-ize” (smile with your eyes!)


6. Irish Presidential Election – Newsnight Special Report

[ Written by Kalle Ryan and Ken Rogan. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan and Eva Bartley.  ]

Following the success of our general election sketch, we felt it was only fair to take a potshot at the gallery of gobshites running for the office of President. We had buckets of fun performing this one and it went over really well on the night of the gig, but one YouTube commenter described it as “crappy predictable rubbish…(and) a couple of cheap laughs” . Must be a Sean Gallagher supporter.


7. Pope Palpatine

[ Written by Ken Rogan. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Eva Bartley.  ]

Admit it, Pope Benedict does bear more than a passing resemblance to Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars. Throw in a few royal wedding references and you have instant hilarity. The Chewbacca bits still make us chuckle.


8. In the beginning….

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Kalle Ryan, Eva Bartley and Gus McDonagh. ]

We imagined if St. John brought his famous Gospel to a modern day editor/Hollywood producer like Jerry Bruckheimer and how it might get misunderstood and entirely reappropriated. It didnt get a huge reaction on the night but still stands as one that really made us giggle. In the beginning was The Word…


9. How To Speak Like a Culchie

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Kalle Ryan, Eva Bartley and Gus McDonagh. ]

Remember those old language lessons on cassette where everything went far too quickly, the presenters were condescending and nothing made any sense? Well, here is one of those lessons designed to help you speak like a rural Irish native. Written by and for culchies. Beep.


10. Amanda Brunker

[ Written by Amanda Brunker, U2 and YouTube. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Kalle Ryan, Sean McDonagh and Eva Bartley. ]

Model/Bimbo/Something Amanda Brunker “performed” at the Oxegen music festival this year. As we were making our first festival appearance at Electric Picnic, we decided to reenact her entire performance verbatim and follow up with some of the more choice YouTube comments directed at her. The internet is cruel and cool when it unites in its hatred of mediocrity.


11. Culchie FM

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Gus McDonagh, Sean McDonagh and another McDonagh. ]

In a little rural town by the name of Carrickmadrid, there is a larger-than-life local lecherous celebrity who presides over the most popular local radio show every morning. We join him here for a phone-in on the topic of culchies. Something he seems more than a bit versed in.


12. The Definitive View on Poetry

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Kalle Ryan, Eva Bartley and Gus McDonagh. ]

Every year at our brownbread mixtape christmas party we do a “roast” style sketch about some of the performers in the arts scene in Dublin. This is the first of two parts where we take aim at some of our favourite poets including Sarah Maria Griffin, Fergus Costello and Erin Fornoff (all featured in our Best of Poetry 2011). Our thanks to the poets who were all such good sports about it.


13. The Definitive View on Singer/Songwriters

[ Written by Kalle Ryan. Performed by Kalle Ryan, Eva Bartley, Gus McDonagh and Enda Roche. ]

The second of our “roast” style sketches about performers in the arts scene in Dublin. In this second part we sharpen our focus in a humorous way on singer-songwriters Pearse McGloughlin and Enda Reilly. With ragged voices and good spirits we roast them gently. Thanks to them both for their gracious sense of humour about it. In conclusion we were joined by our Taoiseach Enda Kenny who delivered a stirring gangstah “State of the Mixtape” address. Not to be missed


And there you have it for the high calibre sketches in 2011. It was a remarkable year that saw us perform our comedy at Electric Picnic, Flat Lake Festival, Imagine Arts Festival and even a special show at Google.  We throughly enjoyed every minute of it and we hope that you did too. Check out our YouTube channel for loads of other brilliant performances from this year and last year. Spread the word about The Brownbread Mixtape. Please share this page or the individual YouTube links with others if you dig them.


The brownbread mixtape is a free monthly comedy, poetry & music show in the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Each  show has a theme. Each act does a performance based on the theme. We all have loads of fun. Simple as that.

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