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the brownbread mixtape timelapsed

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the brownbread mixtape – 2010 in reverse view


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

It’s the end of the year and time to be reflective, pensive and festive! So we thought we would take a peek back and celebrate the incredible year we have had at the brownbread mixtape!

The show has now grown into a remarkable event that is attended by 100+ people each month and our YouTube channel now has over 100 videos of incredible performances from the show too. Sincere thanks to every single performer and to every one of you who attended & supported the night this year. You make the show what it is.

So, please join us and take a quick look at the many cool brownbread mixtape achievements and delights in 2010.

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FEB 2010 – Dublin Community Blog Interview

Back in February, Marcel at the Dublin Community Blog interviewed Kalle and Enda about the brownbread mixtape and it turned out to be a really great snapshot of the night, as well as being instrumental in drawing a new crowd to our shows.

“…one of the most interesting events that is currently happening in Dublin city is this monthly themed night of music, spoken word and performance…” Read the full article here


MARCH 2010 – The Best of the Batch: A Baker’s Dozen of Brownbread Mixtape Tracks

In March we compiled and designed a seriously cool collection of our favourite performances from the brownbread mixtape shows thus far.

Filmmaker and designer David Bagnall from New York City put together the brilliant cover art.

We then made up a limited run of 39 copies (3 baker’s dozens) and each one was handmade & numbered. They were subsequently raffled off at our shows and are destined to be collector’s items!


APR 2010 – Our Blood Is Boiling For Ireland!

Kalle wrote a song entitled “My Blood is Boiling for Ireland” and recorded it at Enda’s studio in Leixlip. He submitted it to the Irish Times for their alternative Irish national anthem competition and then promptly forgot about it. Then something amazing happened!

The competition, judged by members of the Duckworth Lewis Method and staff of the Irish Times, deemed Kalle’s rousing anthem to be the winner! COME ON IRELAND!

The new alternative Irish national anthem had been given a stamp of approval (as well as prize money and Electric Picnic tickets!) and a blood-boiling new Irish beast was born!

“It was somehow angry, fun and patriotic all at the same time.” – Shane Hegarty, Irish Times (Read full article here)

Following airplay on Today FM and a positive response from so many of you, it has gone on to become a cult hit on YouTube, clocking up thousands of hits. BOOM!

Of course it has since become the signature closing number at every brownbread mixtape show, usually delivered raucously and fervently in true drink-taken style. It will continue to be our unofficial Irish anthem and we fully endorse the Facebook campaign to make it an official anthem at Irish sporting events.

Spread the word. Sing it in pubs. Shout it at matches. Roar it in your sleep. Maintain a constant rolling boil!



JUNE 2010 – Bubblin Dublin and the DIY effect!

In June we were honoured to be included in a fascinating article by Davin O’Dwyer in the Irish Times that took a look at the growing trend of “DIY events” in Dublin. The wonderful, collaborative spirit that currently abounds in the arts scene was nicely captured and gave readers a real insight into the wealth of affordable and free high quality gigs that are happening around this fair city.

“…a decidedly more freewheeling atmosphere, is the Brown Bread Mixtape, a monthly blend of Scrap Saturday-style sketches, poetry, music and stand-up comedy hosted by poet Kalle Ryan and musician Enda Roche in the Parlour Bar above the Stag’s Head pub…” Davin O’Dwyer, Irish Times (read the article in full here. It also features brilliant photos from the May gig, taken by the talented Jessica Ryan)

Kalle’s poem, The Reformartists, that is mentioned in the article was performed several times during the year at the brownbread mixtape and can be viewed below. It contains references to many of the individuals and gigs mentioned in the article such as the Glor Sessions, Nighthawks and more. See if you can spot them.

Something is really happening!

AUG 2010 – The Guilty Folk sees Brown Bread Rising

The fantastic musicmakers The Guilty Folk also have a very nifty and often humorous blog about contemporary music and arts. (As an aside, band members Aidan and Sarah met at one of the first brownbread mixtapes and have been collaborating ever since) In August, Aidan wrote a glowing review of the brownbread mixtape. It was the first ever review of the night and he did a terrific job of capturing the essence of the night. In fact, he was generous, cool, insightful, witty and absolutely correct.

“There’s nothing quite like it in Dublin, and it should be considered a treasure”  ( Read the full review  here )


SEPT 2010 – Who’s that on the horizon? Why its Jeff Nelson of course!

In September we had a raffle as per usual, but it was no ordinary raffle. It created a legend. The theme of the night was “Secrets” and in keeping with that, we had a secret grand prize contained in a brown envelope marked “Top Secret”. When the winner was announced, we asked him to approach the stage to open it in front of everyone. That winner was called Jeff Nelson. The crowd began chanting his name continuously throughout the night. He was mentioned in song intros and outros by all of the acts onstage. A legend was born.

Cut to one month later, EleventyFour was on the bill at the brownbread mixtape. She had been in the audience the previous month and had chanted “JEFF NELSON, JEFF NELSON…” along with us all. In a lightbulb moment of inspired musical brilliance she had composed a song entitled “Jeff Nelson” to honour the mysterious legendary figure. The song is a classic and unsurprisingly it was emphatically and instantly embraced by the adoring crowd. A truly magical moment!


OCT 2010 – The brownbread mixtape on tour!

In October we were thrilled to take the brownbread mixtape on the road for the first time ever.

We loaded up the old brownbread tourbus and took our show down to the wonderful Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford

On Halloween night we packed a large crowd in to Downes Bar (possibly the greatest pub in the world) for an amazing show. Some of Ireland’s best new acts were on the bill including Pearse McGloughlin, Elder Roche, EleventyFour and Stephen James Smith.

Locally based poet Edward Denniston performed some excellent poems and local musician and writer, Stephen Walsh regaled us with a brilliant prose poem about the vagaries of working life, and Waterford musical hero Deaf Joe Harney also made an appearance to accompany Pearse McGloughlin on clarinet on the song “Mercedes and the Kingfisher”.

The Brownbread Players took the opportunity to reflect on a years worth of sketches and present the best of the bunch. They went over a storm with the crowd and were described in the Munster Express as being “zany, fresh, exciting and of broadcastable quality”

In fact, the local newspapers were effusive and extremely generous in their praise of the night, and for that we thank them:

(An) energetic performance (that) showcased a witty range of comedy music and poetry (which) makes you understand why the act have gained a reputation in the renowned Dublin spoken word scene”– Waterford News & Star

“I loved the hi-energy excitement of the event. (…) It was a great blast of freshness and inventiveness” – Liam Murphy, Munster Express

We absolutely loved the experience and hope to take the show out on tour again next year. Keep an eye out for us!


OCT 2010 – Uiscebot calls us “the best night out in Dublin”

Influential blogger Uiscebot (aka the poet Colm Keegan) hailed the brownbread mixtape as the best night out in Dublin. He listed the top ten reasons to go to our show, which were funny and heartfelt. It’s wildly flattering as he runs Nighthawks at The Cobalt Cafe with Stephen Kennedy, which is actually the best night in Dublin.

“They have the most electrically charged room I’ve ever been in…” (Read the full article here )


DEC 2010 – Little films and musical videos on the YouTube channel

This December, Kalle has started posting up original content to complement the live footage and clips from the monthly gigs. The first of these is a curious, yet cool little short film entitled “Modern Ireland” that Kalle made last year. [directed by award winning directors, David O’Sullivan ( Moore Street Masala) and David Bagnall (Getting Out )]. Inspired by the Paschal Quigley song of the same name, it takes an oddball look at modern ireland. It has received really warm praise and kind responses from all who have seen it, with comparisons even the ledgebag Samuel Beckett.

Inspired by the reception the film received, Kalle pieced together an original music video to accompany the original Paschal Quigley song “Modern Ireland”. At times humorous and at times deadly serious, it seems suitably apt for the times we currently find ourselves in. We hope you enjoy it.

Next year we hope to create more original films, sketches and more for the YouTube channel, as well as post performances from each show. Thanks to all of you who have subscribed so far! To the rest, we say, what are you waiting for!


2011 – What’s next?

We are really excited about what 2011 will bring. We have grand plans, wild ideas and open minds. Whatever comes along, we look forward to it all and are happy to have you along for the journey!

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming days for a series of Best-Of posts from the year gone by. See you all in January for a brand new show!


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